~ promotes and aids sleep ~

~ provides relief from tension headaches ~

~ soothes the nervous system ~

~ helps blood circulation ~

Relaxing, Restorative Massage Services, Christchurch

The healing power of touch cannot be underestimated. Massage in a safe and professional environment can be incredibly therapeutic and relaxing. 

Massage soothes the nervous system, increases blood flow and oxygen around the body. It is not just good for us on a physical level but also mentally, allowing us time to switch off. 

We all suffer from stress and tension, whether from work or emotionally. This can cause discomfort in the body – stiffness, headaches, and soreness. Having regular massage is the best gift you can give to yourself to help alleviate these issues.

I use Tui balms in my work, sourced from Nelson. The balms are made from organic beeswax from the South Island and incorporate many different essential oils such as arnica, aloe vera and vitamin E.

MASSAGE Treatments

  • 30-minute massage $55.00

    Have a sore neck or shoulders? Suffering from tension headaches or simply time poor? This treatment could work for you. This treatment includes neck, back, and shoulders, finishing with a soothing head massage.

  • 60-minute massage (recommended) $95.00

    Relaxing and restorative, full body or tailored to what you require. Come out feeling renewed
    and reenergised.

  • 90-minute massage $135.00

    A full immersion, full body massage with extra time spent wherever it is needed. Love having your feet rubbed, or head massaged, or extra attention on sore muscles? Then this is for you!


  • Pregnancy Massage $95.00

    During this massage, you will be lying on your side, supported by pillows for total comfort. This soothing massage offers relief from pain and the everyday discomforts of pregnancy, such as; sore neck, aching back, leg cramps, sciatica, and swollen feet.

  • Reiki $95.00

    Rei means “higher power” and Ki means “life force” energy. This massage offers energy healing where it is required. Reiki is an ancient Japanese art that treats the whole body in a simple, natural way by using energy, helping to bring about relaxation, peace, and serenity. Minimal body contact.


  • Corporate Massage (on site) $90/hr

    Minimum booking 2 hours

I bring my services to your workplace for this massage. This is increasingly popular for employers as a way of providing relief for their staff. Chair massage not only helps with mental “switch off”, but also helps alleviate the physical symptoms of back and neck pain that come from sitting at a desk for an extended period.

About Ruth

“For many of us, daily life is stressful and busy. There’s never enough time to fit everything in and we frequently put ourselves last. A massage is often viewed as a ‘treat’ or a ‘luxury’. Instead, I encourage you to view it as an ongoing commitment to your health and your overall sense of wellbeing. A massage not only helps with soothing muscle soreness and stiffness but also allows you to have vital ‘time out’ on an emotional level.”

Ruth Waters, Relax Restore Massage

My background and training

I moved back to New Zealand in 2010, after many years in England and on the beautiful Spanish island of Ibiza. I wanted a change of direction that allowed me to do something I loved as well as raise my family. I’ve always enjoyed giving massages, and judging by how enthusiastically they were received, I realised my calling.

I retrained at the New Zealand College of Massage, graduating in 2014 with a certificate in Relaxation Massage. I also attained a Level 2 in Reiki and have been practicing ever since in my own clinic.

I love having massages myself so I know how healing the power of touch can be in relieving muscular discomfort.  I also believe that massages are  fundamental in keeping healthy, both mentally and physically.




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We’ll be happy to accommodate your wishes. If you need further information, don’t hesitate to ask:
Phone: 0272731031

Two great locations

City Central
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Opening hours

Monday 11am–6.30pm
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